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Jim Quillen's recounting of the events of the infamous escape attempt of 1946 is particularly important as it attempts to redress the balance Alcatraz Island has appeared many times in popular culture.

Its appeal as a picturesque film setting derives from its natural beauty, isolation and its history as a prison (now a museum) from which, officially, no prisoner ever successfully escaped. This book opened my eyes and lessened my own hard views on convicted criminals. I think an individual is a prisoner of his own thoughts and personal circumstances.

Quillen came from a dysfunctional family, which contributed negatively to his development. This is well illustrated by the story of Jim Quillen. 1. Escape From Alcatraz 2. Jan 10, 2009 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Apr 18, 2013  Meeting an actual inmate of Alcatraz (and much, much more! ) Ive been in Alcatraz prison in the actual closetsized cells. I felt the steel bars, the dark and dank solitary confinement below.

I shook hands with Jim Quillenformer Is jim quillen alive movie. He had just written an autobiography. He served some hard time, but was glad to talk Aug 12, 2007  Best Answer: i worked on Alcatraz back in 1998 and from what i know they are still wanted by FBI and there was a sighting somewhere in FL in early 90's of 2 guys in drag at a family members funeral, that was Quillen: Alcatraz from Inside Biography Announced The true life story of Jim Quillen, whose tough upbringing takes him from loving son and protective brother to brazen criminal, daring escape artist, and youngest inmate on Alcatraz.

Jim Quillen, Reformed Alcatraz Inmate& Author After a wild crime spree of robbery and kidnapping in 1942, escaped San Quentin prisoner Jim Quillen was sentenced to 45 years and sent to Alcatraz on Aug. 28 where he became prisoner# 586. Alcatraz from Inside: The Hard Years [Jim Quillen on Amazon.

com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From the rear cover of this 164 page book: Follow Jim Quillen " But those dungeons, I don't think it was ever true that he spent three years in one, " said Quillen, who consulted on the movie.

The Berkeleyborn Quillen served time for kidnapping, attempted escape and robbery. Jim Quillen grew up in a broken home in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1920's without any stability or parental guidance. In the 1920s, when Jim Quillen is still a little boy, his unstable mother tries to kill her husband and her children (Jim and his sister Kate) by gassing them while they sleep.

Jim Quillen (1919 1998) A former inmate of Alcatraz who served time from 1942 to 1952 for kidnapping and robbery. Retired in the 80s as a XRay lab technician, he is also the author of the book" Alcatraz: from inside" Reformed: Jim Quillen mug shot at Alcatraz Quillen said they were unprepared for the savage, allout attempt to spill convict blood. We lay on the floor behind our mattresses and could hear the bullets thud into them. According to Jim Quillen, a former bank robber who shared Alcatrazs infamous D block with Stroud in the 1940s, the film was pure fantasy.

He was a jerk, Quillen states bluntly on the BBC series, Full Circle with Michael Palin, he Quillen was born in Scott County, Virginia, son of John A. and Hannah Quillen, near the Tennessee line and was later a 1934 graduate of DobynsBennett High School in Kingsport, Tennessee. Quillen worked as a restaurant kitchen prep worker, a grocery store clerk, a copy boy, and later as a young adult, an advertising salesman for a